Reycom Integrated Solusi is a Provider of Hardware Solution.

Reycom Integrated Solusi has had a great deal of experience and is highly regarded for its expertise in the areas of hardware solution.

We're provide all part of E-Ktp Printer & Consuambles and E-Ktp Reader.

we still do maintenance after sales to ensure the product remains in the best condition.


Our Story

A subsidiary of the RDS Group that focuses on the procurement of goods/services as authorized distributor of card personalisation printer fargo environment 5000 & consumables as well as participating in the activities office stationery shopping auctions conducted by the Office of population and the civil registry, providing a variety of needs such as supporting printers, ink, etc.

Our Vision

Become The Best Solutions Providers in Indonesian.

Our Technology

The technology we use is the best at present and promising a quick presentation and a great result, durable, and easy to use.

Fargo ID Card Printer HDP 5000

-Single side high definition printer with high security RFID for National ID.
-Technology Print : HDP Dye-Sublimation / Resin Thermal Transfer.
-Resolution : 300 dpi.
-Input rad cartridge capacity : 100 cards (0.30"/ 0.762mm).
-Output hopper card capacity : 200 cards (0.30" / 0.762mm).
-Warranty : Printer - One Year and Printerhead - Life time ; Unlimited pass.

Fargo Color Ribbon 75202

-Full color ribbon with resin black and heat seal panel.
-500 Imanges with high security RFID for National ID.

Fargo Retransfer Film E-Ktp

-Approximately 1.500 images with High Security RFID for National ID.

Fargo Cleaning Kit E-Ktp

-Includes 4 printhead cleaning swabs, 10 cleaning cards, 10 cleaning pads and 3 alcohol cleaning cards.


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